Allergy & Asthma Treatment, along with Dermatology Procedures

Checking the Throat - Allergy Treatment

In addition to physical exams, the Omaha, Nebraska, clinic of Scott J. Fasse MD PC offers a number of primary care specialties. Rely on our staff for treatment, as well as in-office dermatology procedures.

Allergy & Asthma Care

For allergy or asthma patients, we offer a complete and thorough 30-minute exam. We take the time to discuss the issues you are having and collect a complete medical history. We then take a look in the eyes, ears, throat, and nose to help determine if you have allergies. For symptoms of asthma and related diseases, including bronchitis or emphysema, we listen to the lungs, then offer diagnosis and treatment.

Skin Procedures

Depending on your condition, we use the latest techniques to remove many types of skin lesions. We perform simple lesion excision and destruction for bumps on the skin, skin tags, and moles, as well as fatty tumors and lipomas. Additionally, we are experts at diagnosing viral syndromes or rashes of any type, including:

• Sun Rashes • Heat Rashes • Diaper Rashes • Allergic Rashes

Contact us for allergy and asthma treatment, or to have us perform dermatology procedures to preserve the health of your skin.